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With professional fiberglass factory, Changzhou Utek Composite Co.,Ltd is one of the best China fiberglass, glass fiber, kevlar fabric, carbon fabric, chopped strand mat manufacturers and suppliers. welcome to wholesale products from us.


Color polyester tissue is a new generation which is developed on the basis of polyester tissue.Color polyester tissue is used in exactly the same way as ordinary polyester tissue.It is easy to use and does not require any subsequent treatment. It can make FRP products have all the characteristics of anti-corrosion and smooth surface of polyester felt, and can easily get color wood Pattern, marble pattern, camouflage, flowers or other kinds you need.
Fiberglass stitched mat with carbon veil 20 or 30G/M2 is especially designed for conductive profiles.Carbon fiber has good conductivity, thus can minimize the build-up of static electricity that could prove dangerous when in contact with explosive liquids and gases.Antistatic Value 800ohm.
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